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Game Boy Advance emulator readily available for iOS 7, without jailbreak

Game Boy Advance emulator readily available for iOS 7, without jailbreak

GBA4iOS 2.0 on iPad mini and iPhone 5C

GBA4iOS 2. on iPad small and iPhone 5C

Now you can play Game Boy Advance games in your iOS 7 device thanks to a different emulator.

GBA4iOS is really a Game Boy emulator which was launched for iOS device a while ago, which required benefit of an Application Store loophole that Apple has since closed.

However, the brand new GBA4iOS 2. has been released and let’s you play GBA titles without getting to jailbreak your phone, and it is surprisingly easy.

First mind towards the GBA4iOS website and discover the download link for that latest 2. edition from the application, specifically created for iOS 7 devices such as the iPad Air and iPhone 5S.

Before you decide to hit download though, it’s important to alter the date in your device to before Feb 19 2014 by hand inside the settings application.

You’ll be able to download GBA4iOS 2. straight to your device as a unique application on any iOS 7 device, as well as your iPads.

Inside the GBA4iOS application is definitely an in-built browser directing you to definitely all of the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Colour titles available. We discovered that it’s important to alter the date with a amount of time in 2012 to be able to download the games, but then you’re able to return to normal.

when launching the application the very first time, there’s a disclaimer that implies the application might have problems when the time and date are altered back to the current:

“If anytime the application does not open, please set the go as far back in your device to before Feb 19, 2014, then try opening the application again. When the application is opened up, you are able to set the go as far back towards the perfect time and also the application is constantly open normally. However, it’s important to continue doing this process any time you restart your device.

We attempted it frequently closing and relaunching the application coupled with no issues, even if resetting our phone to the present time and date.

However, when turning our phone off and on again, the ap unsuccessful to spread out whatsoever until we altered the go as far back a couple of days.

The games all work fantastically though and provide your phone just a little retro chic. In addition, there’s support for cheats and custom skins, that is great.

All of the game also support iOS 7 controllers such as the Logitech PowerShell and SteelSeries Stratus.

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