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SkyDrive Apps For iOS and WP7 Launched

SkyDrive Apps For iOS and WP7 Launched

SkyDrive Apps For iOS and WP7 Launched

Microsoft just folded out iOS and WP7 apps because of its SkyDrive service meaning users can manage their files and documents on the run.

The brand new apps will both have a similar core features though while you would think of the application around the Home windows Phone devices can integrate using the current SkyDrive functionality for example automatic cloud photo storage and Office document viewing and editing.

iOS WP7 SkyDrive

The apps enables you to view, manage and upload files of your stuff handset and can even allow you to send a hyperlink to a person to talk about individuals files, providing you with the choice to limit their interaction to simply viewing in order to viewing and editing. New users will be presented an enormous 25GB of storage by Microsoft – which rather overshadows Apple’s 5GB of iCloud storage.

Microsoft yesterday pressed out an update to the popular taking notes application for that iPad, OneNote, along with the appearance of SkyDrive within the iOS application store, we might receive a stride nearer to see dedicated Office apps for that iPad.

Any documents stores in SkyDrive will be accessible from the internet browser, using the interface lately being updated to HTML-5.

The apps can be found now in the Home windows Phone Marketplace (for devices 7.5 or greater) and in the Application Store (for iOS devices running version 4. or greater).

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