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New Leak Shows The LG V10’s Secondary Ticker Display For Action

New Leak Shows The LG V10’s Secondary Ticker Display For Action

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LG is anticipated to announce a tool referred to as V10 on October first. This really is notable since the phone is rumored to possess a second auxiliary “ticker” display over the primary one. So far we have been left wondering what this could seem like used, however a new leak from Evan “@evleaks” Blass makes things clearer.

The look shows a normal display dominating the leading from the phone, plus there is a strip above that populated with icons. This is actually the ticker. It’s shortcuts for that camera, contacts, gallery, messaging, and settings (I believe). Presumably this is customizable. I’d also wager it will likely be employed for various things in a few apps, most likely the camera or messaging.

It appears as though the display is shifted over right from the phone, because around the left are what seem to be two cameras. It is possible the first is a sensor of some kind, there is however already a sensor window near the earpiece. 3D selfies? Lot’s of unanswered questions regarding this phone, but we’ll get every detail in a few days.

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