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Collaboration features highly in blacklisted apps, claims MobileIron

Collaboration features highly in blacklisted apps, claims MobileIron

Dropbox, Angry Wild birds, and Facebook would be the top three consumer apps blacklisted by organisations, based on research from enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider MobileIron.

Unsurprisingly, enterprise file sync and share features highly within the top ten banned apps with OneDrive (#4), Google Drive (#5), Box (#6), and SugarSync (#10) all registering. Another blacklisted apps listed were WhatsApp, Twitter, and Skype.

It’s important to note that with lots of these banned apps, you will find enterprise versions available – Skype for Business is at the very best 10 apps being effectively deployed across MobileIron’s subscriber base – while some possess a legitimate situation to be enterprise products themselves. Box was listed at number 5 within the ‘whitelist’ ranking.

The study found other interesting insights. One out of 10 enterprises admit to getting a minumum of one compromised device being able to access enterprise data, while over fifty percent (53%) of enterprises have a minumum of one device within their command – BYOD or else – which isn’t in compliance with corporate security policies.

Mobile security threats keep growing, with recent attacks targeting mobile phone applications and os’s for that soft underbelly from the business, sensitive data. iOS apps have contracted XcodeGhost, for instances, collects info on devices after which secure and upload it to servers operated by attackers.

Ps3 slim some degree forewarned by MobileIron at the beginning of this season. In The month of january, Mike Raggo, security evangelist in the EMM vendor, contended mobility was “the perfect breeding ground” for malicious attacks, and added: “We might find companies embrace application status services and mobile threat prevention methods to exceed identifying OS compromise to place malicious and dangerous apps.”

Several months on, this appears as with the primary unrealistic – however the point remains largely exactly the same. Based on Raggo: “Today’s organisations have too many disparate security technologies which are rarely fully integrated with one another. Even if integrated, they rarely include details about cellular devices and apps.

“The great news for businesses utilizing an enterprise mobility management solution is they possess the information they require concerning the condition of cellular devices and apps to safeguard corporate information,” he added.

Still, several things never change. In 2013, research from Fiberlink demonstrated that, one of the top ten blacklisted apps in enterprise, were Dropbox, Angry Wild birds, and Facebook.


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