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[Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] Streamlined And Consolidated About / Status Screen

[Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] Streamlined And Consolidated About / Status Screen

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This really is decidedly and not the heart-fluttering OMaGad-I-must-have-it-now-or-else feature of Android 5.1, but it is important to note nevertheless. Remember on Android 5. whenever you going to the About > Status screen of the phone or tablet and were welcomed with a lengthy listing of information fields you had to scroll through and then try to determine the logic behind? No? Maybe? Oh… you’ve already erased all previous remembrances of Android 5.. I see. Here, allow me to refresh your memory.


Old About > Status screen

Well, in Android 5.1, this lengthy list continues to be consolidated right into a smaller sized one with subsections focused on the IMEI and also the SIM, the second including all network, signal, and operator information.

When I pointed out, this is not an earth-shattering change, however it does result in the list simpler to navigate and also the information faster to get at. The issue, however, is the fact that stated information is not copiable any longer. Formerly, you can tap an area to repeat its details, as an example the IMEI, however that is not possible any longer. Two steps forward, a measure back.

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