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Google Maps involves iPad with completely new application

Google Maps involves iPad with completely new application

Google Maps Google Maps

Google has launched a completely new Google Maps application that finally brings the navigation service inside a dedicated application for iPad and Android devices.

Building around the dedicated iPhone application launched in December this past year following the Apple Maps fiasco, the brand new Google Maps won’t bring this specific service to iPad, and can introduce additional features across all platforms.

A specifically designed iPad and Android tablet Google Maps application continues to be produced, meaning full screen navigation and exploring on slates such as the iPad small and Google Nexus 7.

“The new Google Maps for mobile develops the look we released for iPhone last December and improves onto it having a couple of helpful search and navigation features,” stated Daniel Graf, Director of Google Maps within the official Google blog publish. “And it’s the very first dedicated application for Android tablets and iPads.”

Google has highlighted several new Google Maps features visiting Android and iOS users. The very first is the opportunity to tap looking bar within Google Maps a single article cards showing local eateries, drink and shop.

Additionally to reside traffic information, Google Maps will allow users to determine any traffic occurrences along their journey and discover more details about individuals problems. Just like a high-finish Sitting Nav, Google Maps may also adjust your way plan if your better route opens up to prevent any traffic occurrences.

These two new navigation features will presently simply be open to Android users, but Google states it’s getting the functionality to iOS users soon.

A brand new five star rating system continues to be introduces for local places and amenities so users can easily see what their buddies considered a nearby shop or restaurant.

Offline maps are actually utilized simply by entering “OK Maps” (sounds faintly just like a Google Glass command to all of us) in to the search engine for that area the consumer wishes to check out later offline. Regrettably this appears a laborious method for saving maps for offline viewing.

Latitude and appearance-ins happen to be taken off the brand new Google Maps application, and can disappear from current versions on August 9. Any location discussing will be performed via Google rather. Even though this is just for Android users at the moment.

The brand new Google Maps application has began moving out as version 7 to Android users, and iOS users should begin to see the update become available soon.

The application works with Android Frozen Treats Sandwich and Jelly Bean devices, while only iOS 6 users or over can get the brand new update.

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Google Maps update


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