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Niantic Labs Expands Pokémon GO Field Test To New Zealand And Australia

Niantic Labs Expands Pokémon GO Field Test To New Zealand And Australia

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You will find Pokémon arising within the land lower under, and you may start catching all of them if you are for the reason that place in the world. Niantic Labs has announced the development from the Pokémon GO field test to New zealand and australia. It had been formerly restricted to Japan.

You are able to join the exam around the Pokémon GO website, but registering doesn’t guarantee accessibility game only at that initial phase. Niantic Labs continues to be gathering feedback and tweaking the sport before it releases it broadly. Players works together to secure and defend locations hanging around, utilizing their taken Pokémon to protect them. Like Ingress, real life locations assists as sights hanging around.

Because Pokémon GO relies upon other players, there may not be much to complete in early test. Still, here’s your opportunity to catch some Pokémon before everybody else. Just look out for all of the real harmful creatures lower there.

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