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Google OnHub OTA Update Adds A Couple of Tweaks For Improved Performance

Google OnHub OTA Update Adds A Couple of Tweaks For Improved Performance

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The OnHub router has rapidly become a fascinating novelty within the sometimes stoic home networking segment because of its forward-searching hardware and user-focused software. And Google is not letting on the second: the router has already been receiving its first software update, around three several weeks following the launch from the TP Link-branded OnHub and merely per week following the announcement from the ASUS version.

That being stated, there is not anything within this update that’s particularly mind-blowing. Based on the changelog published on the Google support page and corroborated by the owner on the internet , the alterations are centered on better performance and network management. This can be a full list:

  • Improved client device naming
  • Antenna optimizations
  • Expanded use of 5GHz channels
  • Improved port forwarding performance
  • General stability improvements

The program version is 7390.62.2, up from 7077.122.2. It appears as though the update goes in stages (much like smartphone firmware updates), so expect whether it requires a couple of days for that aware of appear on your OnHub application.Interestingly, the OnHub router appears to update its software without restarting – an impressive technical feat (Android, Chrome, and ChromeOS can’t do it) and a handy one for a device that manages all of your household Internet traffic.

Update: Based on the launch blog publish, the OnHub router does really reboot, however it waits until a minimal activity period to do this. The wording is unquestionably a little ambiguous: “OnHub instantly updates with additional features and also the latest security upgrades, without interrupting your connection.”

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