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[Deal Alert] HTC One M8 (Sprint, Verizon, And Also At&T) On Purchase For $299.99 At The Best Buy Today Only

[Deal Alert] HTC One M8 (Sprint, Verizon, And Also At&T) On Purchase For $299.99 At The Best Buy Today Only

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The HTC One M9 is HTC’s new flagship, but you may still find lots of M8s going swimming available. Best To Buy is searching to unload some stock today having a steep discount. You can aquire a new M8 for AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon for $299 off-contract. This deal applies today only, or until supplies are exhausted.

It is common for last year’s model to obtain cheaper when an OEM progresses to a different flagship, however the HTC One M8 offers quite a bit that is similar to the M9. Both devices possess a 5-inch 1080p screen, aluminum unibody chassis, and front-facing Boom Seem loudspeakers. The M9 includes a Snapdragon 810 rather from the 801 within the M8, however that may not be a great factor for that M9. The 20MP camera around the M9 can also be rather disappointing, but in different ways compared to M8’s Duo Camera.

Whenever you estimate the cost differential, the M8 continues to be an excellent buy for HTC fans. $300 for any new system is downright reasonable. These units are carrier locked (aside from Verizon, obviously) and can get OTAs only if the carrier sees fit. At this time, the M8 is most likely done seeing significant updates anyway.

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