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Yahoo Livetext is really a Snapchat rival with audio-free video messaging

Yahoo Livetext is really a Snapchat rival with audio-free video messaging

Yahoo Livetext

Since it’s never-quite-as-loved-as-MSN Yahoo Messenger platform lingers on, the net giant has re-joined the burgeoning sector having a Snapchat rival.

Yahoo Livetext, announced today and released tomorrow, enables users to switch audio-free live video streams using their buddies.

However, the initial feature seems is the capability to exchange real-time texts overlaying the recording feed, which you’ll see within the clip below.

The concept, Yahoo states, would be to promote a psychological connection when delivering and getting a message, allowing the sender to determine the recipient’s reactions in tangible-some time and the other way around.

Around the company’s Tumblr blog Arjun Sethi, the Senior Director of Product Management, describes the application as “a new method to communicate that blends the immediacy, simplicity and easy texting using the expressiveness of video, with no audio.

“We see video in an effort to help make your conversations more authentic, so we see text in an effort to connect that’s fast and non-intrusive.

“Yahoo Livetext puts what you are saying as well as your friend’s real-time reactions in the center of the conversation.”

Yahoo states the application is ephemeral, like Snapchat, meaning chats and videos are deleted when the exchange continues to be closed. Both sides can also get to simply accept the phone call before any video is exchanged.

The United kingdom and also the US is going to be one of the primary wave of nations to obtain the application, if this launches around the Application Store and Google Play tomorrow.

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