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Google Now Launcher arrives for older Nexus devices

Google Now Launcher arrives for older Nexus devices

Google Now

Google Now Launcher

Google has launched its Google Now Launcher to the Google Play Store, enabling proprietors of old Nexus devices to obtain the full Nexus 5 experience.

Included in the stock Android 4.4 KitKat experience launched using the Google Nexus 5 this past year, Google provided faster use of Google Now and numerous desltop interface tweaks.

Now, individuals modifications happen to be distributed around the broader Nexus-owning world via a free Play Store application. This application also creates Google Play edition phones from the kind of Samsung, HTC, and LG.

Google’s Now Launcher helps make the Now card system available by swiping from the homescreen. Formerly you’d to look at a Search to do this.

Another key addition is voice operation. By saying “OK Google” in the homescreen, you are able to instruct your phone to simply accept vocal control, in order to initiate searching for term.

In addition to these major additions, google’s Now Launcher adds numerous cosmetic tweaks. The navigation and standing bars are actually translucent, much like around the KitKat OS proper, and application icons really are a little bigger. In addition, there’s a brand new wallpaper picker.

It’s unfortunate this release isn’t a larger one. The marketplace for new launcher apps in an effort to strip your bloated Android device UI to something approaching stock AI is considerable, as well as an formally endorsed Google effort would doubtless be massive.

Google Now Launcher can be obtained let’s focus on all Nexus and Google Play experience devices around the Google Play Store.

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