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4 methods to achieve freedom inside your mobile office

4 methods to achieve freedom inside your mobile office

Workers are being able to access more corporate content than ever before on personal devices – and it is likely happening whether their company includes a Take The Own Device Policy established or otherwise.

It’s imperative today’s organizations provide employees having the ability to store and sync content on a single tool and view/edit on another. Doing this results in a modern and collaborative, real-time workplace that can help reduce and sometimes even avoid security and compliance threats connected with storing corporate content within an unmanaged atmosphere just like a personal cloud service or on cellular devices.

Effectively applying the best components and ideas ensures enterprises increase productivity, financial savings, and knowledge protection, resulting in mobility success.

For that mobile worker to effectively achieve freedom and full access within their mobile office, they’ll need four critical factors and ideas: Mobile Cms, Mobile Enterprise Gateway, Secure Document Syncing, along with a Secure Editor.

Mobile Cms

The initial step to achieving full use of content inside your mobile office may be the use of a safe and secure content repository that provides file encryption and authentication. Popular options include Home windows File Share, Microsoft Sharepoint, Box, and Google Drive. They secret is choosing the best solution that provides security and knowledge leak prevention controls.

Enterprise Gateway for Documents

The very best and many secure choice for mobile cms is by using a Mobile Enterprise Gateway. These behind-the-firewall content repositories ought to be presented to ensure users get access to document folders and files, while being protected with robust security policies and controls.

Secure Document Sync

Getting the opportunity to instantly sync files across managed devices is really a effective driver in enhancing user productivity and efficiency. A person could go on and create content on the laptop, then sync that happy to tablets and smartphones for access and discussing on the run. These syncing abilities help produce mobile content collaboration between multiple users.

Secure Editor

Since your documents can be synced and simply accessible, you’ll need so that you can edit them safely. A safe and secure editor allows you to focus on docs anywhere inside an encrypted container to make sure mix team collaboration on Word, Stand out, PowerPoint, and Text Files, and the opportunity to share seamlessly within secure mail and company file folders.

When mixing these four components and ideas together, users can access content and turn into productive inside a secure atmosphere that promotes collaboration and keeps organizations from experiencing crippling data leaks.

MaaS360 provides the Secure Productivity Suite solution featuring an on device application with containerization and knowledge leak prevention controls, allowing users to sync, share, create and edit content inside a native, simple-to-use interface.

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