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[Deal Alert] T-Mobile's Prepaid 3-In-1 SIM Card Starter Kits Are $0.99 (Down From $15)

[Deal Alert] T-Mobile’s Prepaid 3-In-1 SIM Card Starter Kits Are $0.99 (Down From $15)
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Grabbing a new SIM card might not be on your priority list every day, let alone right before Christmas, but if you were thinking about giving T-Mobile a try or if the uncarrier’s tactics have made you curious and you want to check its network coverage and plans, now might be the best time to give it a go.

T-Mobile’s SIM Starter Kits, which contain a prepaid Nano SIM Card with Micro and Standard SIM adapters, are seeing their price slashed to next to nothing. They usually cost $15 to buy, but with the code SIM99, you can get the price down to $0.99. You’ll still have to fill up to activate any plan, but the price of admission is significantly reduced.

This isn’t the first time this SIM99 code goes live on T-Mobile’s site — it seems that the uncarrier has been using it on and off to reduce its prepaid SIMs’ prices. It might be worth keeping on your radar, in case you don’t want a T-Mobile SIM now, but might do so later.

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